Best Selling Brands
malibu caribbean rum
750 ml @Ksh 2,095
1 litre @Ksh 2,600
Glenfiddich 15 years
750 ml @Ksh 6,999
1 litre @Ksh 7,800
hennessy vs
700 ml @Ksh 5,000
1 litre @Ksh 6,200
baileys irish cream
750 ml @Ksh 2,300
1 litre @Ksh 2,900
belaire luxe
750 ml @Ksh 4,800
johnnie walker black label
1 litre @Ksh 3,450
750 ml @Ksh 3,199
amarula fruit cream
750 ml @Ksh 2,100
1 litre @Ksh 2,700
750 ml @Ksh 2,400
1 litre @Ksh 2,800
smirnoff vodka red
750 ml @Ksh 1,300
1 litre @Ksh 1,600
Bumbu rum
700 ml @Ksh 6,000
Best Selling Whisky
chivas 12 years
750 ml @Ksh 3,500
1 litre @Ksh 3,700
ballantines finest
750 ml @Ksh 2,200
1 litre @Ksh 2,400
Black & white whisky
750 ml @Ksh 1,400
1 litre @Ksh 1,800
jack daniel's old No. 7
1 litre @Ksh 3,400
750 ml @Ksh 2,850
glenmorangie original
1 litre @Ksh 6,180
750 ml @Ksh 4,900
Best Selling Wines View all
robertson winery natural sweet white
750 ml @Ksh 1,300
1.5 litres @Ksh 2,000
versus red dry
750 ml @Ksh 1,800
cellar cask white sweet
750 ml @Ksh 1,190
namaqua red sweet cask
5 litres @Ksh 3,300
frontera sauvignon blanc
750 ml @Ksh 1,300
1.5 litres @Ksh 1,800
4th street red sweet
750 ml @Ksh 1,000
1.5 litres @Ksh 2,000

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